The roof is a very important element in the total visual appeal of your residence. Selecting the right shingles will depend on both the general appearance of your residence and the climate specifically where you live. Your roof should certainly survive a number of years, you don't want to be stuck with a color or style you hate to look at or which does not deliver curb appeal. Let's have a look at what some of the elements that should be considered prior to deciding to purchase roof shingles for your roof repair. 

Weather condition: 

The variety of roof shingles itself and the color scheme not only impacts the aesthetics of your residential property, it can also affect its energy efficiency. The color you go for has an effect on how much heat energy your home holds on to and sponges up. Go for a lighter colored shingle that will reflect the heat if you live in a hotter climate. Darker roof shingles will soak up and hold on to heat more effectively if you live in a much cooler climate. This selection could considerably have an effect on your heating costs, especially in the frigid Wisconsin winter seasons. For more suggestions be sure to contact competent orlando roofing contractors(http://orlandoroofinggroup.com/orlando-roofing-contractors/) to get the best solutions.


The color option of roof shingles you decide on should really be based on whether you want your roof to match or contrast the other parts of the house. Sometimes you want the roof to be striking and make a statement. If this is the case, opt to match your roof shingles to a draw attention to color scheme from a detail of the house, landscape gardening or surrounding area. In other cases, you want your roof to blend and match the same color palette as the rest of your house. Staying in a neutral color palette is always a safe bet. The color of your shingles can also affect how large your house looks. A darker roof tends to make your home look smaller than it actually is, and a lighter roof can make it look larger. 

Building material: 

The look of your home's roof mainly hinges the type of material your roof shingles are made out of. Each and every material has it's disadvantages and advantages. Here is a lineup of several of the more popular materials that are used: 

Asphalt: absorb heat, more beneficial in cooler climates, wide color selection 
Clay: repels heat, suitable for warmer environments, traditional shades of red or tan 
Wood: durable, quick and easy to fix, however susceptible to fire damage and decay 
Slate: completely fire-resistant, natural color tones, remarkably expensive and prone to breakage
Metal: eco-friendly, wide color selection, possibly costly 

Type of Home: 

No two homes are exactly the exact same, but their styles can simply be categorized. Your shingles should suit the architectural design of your house. Here are popular designs: 

Colonial: Go for a slate-look style of roof shingles. Choose the darker shades– grays and blacks with flecks of accent color schemes usually look most desirable. 

Contemporary/Modern: These houses typically feature clean lines and angles, it is best to continue this on the roof. 

Artisan: wood-shake look roof shingles in earth tones 

French Country: With this style of home, you can do practically anything and it will look great. To remain on the safe side stick with a neutral color palette. 

Mediterranean/Tuscan: Clay roofing tiles in warm browns, reds, and dark grays are fantastic options to complement the style of home. 

Mountain: Keep the old-fashioned style by selecting a wood-shake in all-natural colors. 

Ranch: This style of home often tends to have a large roof and has a big effect on the total appearance of the home. Widespread choices in color and style will appear great since the ranch style matches a lot of variety. 

Tudor: warm grays and browns that match the rest of the home 

Victorian: These ornate homes are paired best with slate-looking shingles in a bold color such as greens, reds and grays. You really want to incorporate contrast with these types of homes. 

if you're still not sure on which type and color option of shingle to install on your home. Consult orlando roofing contractors so they can discuss what options best suit your home.